How to Paraphrase Your Essay Online.

How to Paraphrase Your Essay Online.

Whenever students think that their essays need more work than they already have put in, they are always almost willing to risk the work being submitted as-is. Paraphrasing is no exception, and unfortunately, it is still as tasking as essay writing can get, especially if your document is large. With just a click of a button, you can have your entire document rewritten to your desired feel. This is because, well, technology and two, someone’s intellectual property.

Every new technology comes with someone banking a fat cheque for having thought of that—story for another day. For today, let us focus on the ease such developments have brought to your life. So just like spell and grammar check apps, you must already have your essay ready for the paraphrasing tools to work for you. There are a variety of paraphrasing tools to choose from online. For these, you don't have to be too tech-savvy to use them as they are relatively straightforward and a do it yourself situation.  

With your already typed essay, you can highlight your work, then copy and paste it on the space provided in the choice that you will settle for. Most will give you back your rewritten document within seconds, and some will take time also depending on the size of the document and the difficulty of the terms being checked.

Another essential point that you must take note of is to use the thesaurus. The thesaurus will help you paraphrase manually. The reason for using the thesaurus first before running it through the paraphrasing tool is to ensure that you have an idea of how the words or statements, or paragraphs will be like when they are paraphrased. When you do that, you will allow the paraphrasing of only that you want and need to be translated. You will give your work the texture and feel that you want it to have. You can personalize it and provide it with clarity when you know how that clarity looks like. 

Therefore, if you had asked a professional essay writing service to do the essay for you, and you need to paraphrase the work by yourself, it will be vital you read through the document first while throwing glances at the thesaurus now and then, especially when you know some words would be better suited. Once you have that mental picture, you can now run your essay through a paraphrasing tool of your choice. 

You can anticipate the paraphrasing tool to rewrite your essay in the following simple ways;

  1. Shorten your overly long sentences.
  2. Use synonyms for words and phrases.
  3. Use passive voice as opposed to an active voice. The former has shorter and clearer sentences as opposed to the latter. 
  4. Rearranging the wordings in your sentences as well as the arrangement of specific phrases.

What is important to note is that there is no technique in paraphrasing. Anything goes as long as the original context of the essay is still maintained. The purpose is what is guarded vis a vis the how. Therefore, trust the paraphrasing tool, but once the rewriting is done, proofread, and make adjustments. 

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